Lightning fast WAN connection to support online production environments for cutting edge digital business.

ZappiStore is a cutting edge online research provider, disrupting the market by changing the way that companies access insight. Providing an automated, self-service platform for buying research services – at lightning fast speed and of highest quality – they understandably need an equally responsive and quality focussed IT provider.

Located in Putney, South-west London, Zappistore were growing increasingly frustrated with their unreliable Internet provision which was causing continued problems and affecting their ability to use the cloud based applications that are fundamental to their business production.

After enquiring amongst other tenants in their building as to who supported them with their IT and internet, they were recommended Panoptics. Following a detailed discovery session covering current issues experienced and what Zappistore wishes to achieve, we proposed a WAN Internet Solution utilising the Panoptics Infrastructure and service proposition.

Fast, reliable connectivity

ZappiStore had a clear requirement for stable, non-contended, fast public Internet access in their premises in Putney. As they are a next generation online research provider, changing the way this service is offered to the market, it was of paramount importance to establish a fast, stable and constant communication channel alongside access to public cloud services which they rely upon to conduct their business.

Although ZappiStore already had Internet connectivity in place, that worked so far as allowing access to the public internet, it severely restricted core business activities due to the physical type of connection along with how the incumbent actually delivered the service. As such Zappistore were unable to maintain a consistent level of uptime with their connection, which was a fundamental requirement for their business, processes and employee demands.

The Solution

Following an initial discovery process which drew the precise requirements and business objectives, it was clear that the Panoptics WAN Internet Access solution would solve the problem. The implemented solution utilised the Panoptics core network, with dedicated 1:1 connectivity and direct access to two of the largest public internet networks (Tier1 ISP’s). In addition, the service provided 24/7/365 monitoring, management & support providing the sort of reliability and trust Zappistore so needed, and the assurance that the service was underpinned by a SLA of 99.99% availability.

The Results

The results were simple! ZappiStore now consume continuous uptime with their connection and no longer share a service amongst other businesses within the building, yet further providing the reliability and speed the business required. Furthermore, they now enjoy 10 times more bandwidth than their previous connection and all for a similar price.

The Benefits

Zappistore can now relax and operate their business as they need to, with the confidence in a fully monitored, supported and managed connectivity service that can rely on and don’t need to spend anytime focusing on. Additionally, as with any Panoptics WAN Internet Access circuit, they have complete access to the full portfolio of Panoptics service offering hosted in our Datacentres, including Backup-as-a-service, Hosted Virtual Computers, DDoS mitigation, Public Cloud and Microsoft Azure express routes, hosted telephony (VoIP / SIP) and a range of IT security services.

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