It’s brunch time… Panochef winner announced

The 2nd annual Panochef competition draws to a close and winner announced

The scores are finally in and 2016’s instalment of Panoptics’ annual staff cooking competition, Panochef, has clearly been a roaring success. Our contestants were presented with a Brunch theme; with strict rules including a dish that must contain at least 6 eggs, served with an accompanying drink.

Competition was fierce, with contestants looking to go above and beyond the high standards set in the competitions’ inaugural year for a chance to get their hands on the coveted Panotrophy.

Our budding chefs treated us to an eclectic menu, taking inspiration from around the world and transforming their 6 eggs into culinary delights. Dishes ranged from Jamaican inspired ‘ackee and salt fish’ to a hearty brunch ‘american style’.

The last clatter of cutlery announced the end of the competition, and the judging began with the contestants submitting their scores. A quick vote count, a double check (stringent regulation introduced after allegations of vote rigging last year) and Technical Director, Andy Lang, was announced the winner, for his award winning (according to Andy) scotch egg and meat pie. Closely followed by Craig Mitchell and third place being awarded to 2015 champion James Lewis.

Rumours of Panoptics entering a cohort into next years Masterchef competition are unfounded, however the ever rising quality of Panochef leaves us eagerly awaiting the 2017 competition and a prime time TV deal.

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