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Introducing James O'Brien

Introducing our new Panopticon – James O’Brien. Some of you may have met James already, he’s been busy working away with both old and new clients for the last couple of months but had not been introduced formally to the Panoptics family.

Joining Panoptics in the ever increasingly important role of Business Development Manager, James brings a whole raft of skills and experience to add further value to our existing clients in the development of our services, along with huge amount of industry knowledge to warmly welcome new clients to our growing portfolio of brands and SME’s we work with.

An expert in WAN and all Datacentre & Connectivity services offered, he’s already made an impact, onboarding new clients from the get go and we’re positive he will continue to help Panoptics grow whilst nurturing all client relationships to ensure true value is received.

Find out more about James below…

Role info:

  • Panoptics Job Title: Business Development Manager
  • Day to day role at Panoptics: I am responsible for generating new revenue for Panoptics through existing clients, channel partners and new prospective client’s. I’m in daily contact with our clients to ensure the experience of Panoptics as a Technology Partner is consistently of the highest level, along with reviewing where we are and where we need to be to best support their needs moving forward. I work closely with all business units within Panoptics to ensure we are promoting Panoptics to the market with the right market leading solutions.
  • What you were recruited to improve/action: I was recruited to help the Business Development function, with a focus on growing business revenue in line with the company targets and objective for the coming financial year whilst further strengthening the company to support continued growth.
  • Why did you chose to join Panoptics: I have worked with the Directors in the past in various roles and on various projects, having done this I understood clearly how they view the market and what they are trying to achieve at Panoptics, which I strongly agree with. As a young, fast growing and intelligent workforce the opportunity to work in a company who know what they want to do, where they want to go and how to achieve it, was too good to turn down.
  • What do you like about working for Panoptics: The knowledge of the members of staff is something special, it is motivating and inspiring being able to speak, learn and come up with solutions for clients. You’re treated amazingly well from initial joining throughout the working day and into the many events that we organise and attend as a company. Everyone is honest, friendly with good senses of humour and a can do, let’s do it attitude – which is really refreshing.

Experience info:

  • Previous Companies: Talk Talk Business, hSo, NTT Communications, Cogent Communications.
  • Previous Experience: 9 years of experience of successful new business development and account management within IT / Managed Services, Telephony and IP markets nationally and internationally.
  • Qualifications: Undergraduate Degree (HONS) – e-Business

General info:

  • Favourite food: Pizza, Chilli con Carne and Chicken (not all at the same time!)
  • What you love to do outside work: Exercising and going to the Gym – currently training for 1st Tough Mudder along with other Pano Staff. Watching football, especially Tottenham Hotspur.
  • Interesting/funny fact: I once was selected from a studio audience at a Grotbags show to dance and tell a joke on stage. I won an electric keyboard for the best joke told, even though I made the joke up on the spot and it was terrible.
  • What’s your proudest achievement / moment: Winning the Award for the Best Dissertation in a Business Technology Field awarded by GCHQ (the GCHQ award).

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