Statement regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus situation

Our response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Panoptics have been working closely assisting our customers with their business continuity plans as well as responding ourselves to the latest guidelines as issued by the authorities.

  • We do not anticipate any effect on our service delivery and very much remain open for business.
  • Panoptics remains in a strong position working across various business markets and is therefore in a unique position to both learn from the challenges each business presents and to protect itself from the performance on any one market sector.
  • We are following the advice as laid out on the government website and closely monitoring the daily changes and reacting accordingly. All of our staff are successfully working remotely at home following our well-rehearsed business continuity process.
  • We also have capacity to function effectively should we experience high absenteeism through sickness. We also have managerial staff who can effectively step into service resolution groups should the need arise. We are therefore comfortable we can function throughout the coming months.
  • Our own operation is highly resilient in terms of back end data centres, servers and networking and we don’t anticipate any impact on this during the current situation.
  • Having a great deal of experience and skill in business continuity planning and major incident management we are happy to assist both new and existing customers over these testing months. Please do therefore get in touch if you are in need of any assistance.

We appreciate this is a very fast moving situation and will ensure this statement is kept up to date at all times over the coming months.

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