WAN Internet vs Business Broadband Infographic

Discover the benefits of WAN and explore the real differences between WAN Internet Access and Business Broadband.


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Have you ever wondered what WAN is and how it differs to standard business broadband?

Well, wonder no more as here’s the answer… our infographic ‘WAN Internet Access VS Business Broadband’ illustrates the underlying differences between the two connections, clearly drawing comparisons on what is and what is not possible with each. Furthermore, we identify how the connection to the internet actually works and what this means for usability and cloud services access.

If your business needs reliable high speed internet access its essential to understand the differences between the two technologies plus what benefits and business advantages can be realised with the adoption of WAN. Check out our infographic now and if you require any further assistance or have a question about how your business can implement WAN Internet Access please get in touch,

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Visit our WAN solutions page to discover the Panoptics difference and how your business would benefit from a WAN circuit.


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