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Panoptics Service Desk is your primary point of contact for all users of the IT function within your business. Designed, resourced and deployed with real world experience in mind our IT Service Desk utilises ITIL best practices to deliver consistent responses. End users receive friendly, knowledgeable support from experts with the capability to resolve incidents and fulfil requests at the first point of contact or within the shortest timeframe possible – reducing any impact on your business operations.

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FeatureStandard SLA OfferedAchievement
Call categorisation Priority 1 more Resolution within 4 hours>90%

Major outage to critical services affecting most, if not all of the business.
E.g. MS Exchange Down or no Internet connectivity etc.
Call categorisation Priority 2 more Resolution within 24 hours>90%

Localised outage of services affecting a single or small number of users.
E.g. network outage in one office, email quota reached etc.
Call categorisation Priority 3 more Resolution within 72 hours>90%

Minor issue presenting no cessation of service but requires resolution.
E.g. access to other users mailbox, recovery of a deleted mail etc.
Call categorisation Priority Service requests more Completion within 5 working days>90%

The addition, amendment or deletion of part of the service.
E.g. new PC, access to a particular folder, new email account, install new application etc.
Call categorisation Value Add more NoneN/A

Any incident or request that is not covered by the agreement but still needs to be completed.
First Time Fix Rates more % of all calls40% to 80%

Any incident or request that is resolved or completed at the first point of contact with the Service Desk
Customer Satisfaction Questionnairesmore10% of closed calls surveyed 100%

CSQ’s enable Panoptics to take the temperature of the end user community to ensure that the Statistics reflect the general feeling of the organisation and enable development of the service to suit.
Contacting the Service desk - Calls more Calls answered within 20 seconds>90%

Contacting the Desk via Telephone
Contacting the Service desk - Email more Calls logged and allocated to an Analyst within 30 Minutes>90%

Contacting the Desk via email
Tooling – ServiceNow more Availability>99.8%

The Panoptics Service Desk is powered by a dedicated instance of ServiceNow which is the industry’s leading Tool
Tooling - Telephony more Availability>99.99%

Integrated Cisco Telephony platform delivered in a High availability cluster enabling access from anywhere on net.

Service Description

The Panoptics Service Desk operates as your primary point of contact for anything IT related.

We recognise that to deliver successful IT Managed Services it is critical to establish clear lines of communications and expectations of both parties from the very beginning, which is why our IT help desk is at the very core of our services.

Panoptics will consult with you to understand the resourcing levels required based on the number of contacts, Incidents and Requests before providing a mechanism to plan the continued reduction of all of the above. This will ensure a more stable and suitable end user environment is delivered through ITIL methodologies such as Problem Management and Continuous Service Improvement.

"Very prompt response and resolution of queries and issues. Excellent communication from Panoptics team who have first-rate technical skills and knowledge. A pleasure to work with."

Brian Weaving, Iplicit

Incident Management

The objective of Incident Management is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact on business operations. The time to restore the ‘Normal Service Operation’ & the impact on business operations is considered to be agreed within Service Level Agreement limits.

Definition of an Incident:

An Incident is defined as ‘an unplanned interruption to an IT Service or reduction in the quality of an IT Service’.   Failure of a Configuration Item that has not yet impacted Service, for example failure of one disk from a mirror set, is also an Incident

Additionally a “how to question” where an end-user has a specific question on how to use a standard or business application or any other request for information is logged as an Incident

How to generate an Incident:

An Incident can be generated from any of the following sources:

  • A contact to the Service Desk, either by telephone or other interface (for example email, chat, self-logging) 
  • An event (however it should be noted that not all events are Incidents)

Core responsibilities:

  • 07:00 till 19:00 Monday to Friday available
  • Answer Telephone calls
  • Receive and respond to emails
  • Log emails into Service Desk tool
  • Ticket triage (categorise/ prioritise and assign where applicable) and manage the incident /request through to completion
  • Escalation of tickets in line with agreed criteria
  • Use chase call process to allow staff to follow up on tickets
  • Manage Escalations based on SLA breach thresholds
  • Resolve incidents/ requests at 1st line where possible
  • Ticket closure with agreement following resolution
  • Ticket analysis for First Time Fix improvement and continual Knowledge Transfer

Request Management

The objective of Request Management (request end-user fulfilment) is to ensure that Requests are authorised, recorded, implemented, documented and reviewed in a controlled manner with minimal or no disruption to the service.

Request Management is also responsible for distributing tasks to resolving teams, as well as supplying their own fulfilment function under the Installs, Moves, and Additions & Changes (IMAC) and Systems Admin roles.

Definition of a Request:

A Request is defined as ‘an action that needs performing within a customer’s estate, for example a new user, folder access or mailbox account.

How to generate a Request:

A Request can be initiated from any of the following sources:

  • Receipt of an email from the customer.
  • A request recorded via the Service Desk Ticketing tool
  • A telephone call from the customer.

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