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Panoptics deliver cutting edge Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN in partnership with the global market leader, VeloCloud, Now Part of VMware. Enabling simple, agile and secure branch office wide area networks, VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud dramatically decreases bandwidth costs and deployment timeframes, to deliver a high performing, flexible network over private, broadband Internet and LTE links for today’s increasingly distributed enterprises.

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An intelligent Network that makes the internet work better. Powered by the worlds leading SD-WAN technology.

We’re revolutionising site connectivity, combining best of breed high speed networks with a myriad of end point connectivity methods meaning that nowhere is out of reach.

sd-wan connection

Pick n’ Mix connectivity

Choose traditional point to point, MPLS or modern business & consumer services including ADSL, Fibre broadband and 4G. Mix connectivity methods on the same site or across your estate. Go global and connect worldwide sites with the same ease.

sd-wan speed

Quick Setup

No 65 day wait time, provision tomorrow with 4G whilst you wait for a fixed line, fallback to 4G at anytime.


Streamlined provisioning

Simple, streamlined provisioning without the need for manual CLI configuration (prone to human error and inconsistencies) or the necessity to send a skilled network engineer to each new site.

sd-wan availability

High Availability

Employ secondary links and standby routers which constantly monitor availability over all routes failing over with sub second speed to ensure your sites remain connected no matter what.



All links are encrypted end to end so you can be confident no matter what connectivity you choose your data is safe 24×7

application visibility

Application Visibility

The system constantly monitors application traffic and ensures relevant quality of service policies are employed routing packets over the most efficient connectivity method

cloud centric


Helps businesses adapt to the new ‘cloud-centric’ world. With SD-WAN, Data and traffic no longer needs to flow solely between branch and datacentre thanks to Edge computing requirements, SaaS applications and public cloud (Azure, AWS) adoption. A secure and optimised local internet breakout is achievable without the need to backhaul traffic through the DC.

save money

Reduce expenditure

Lower capital expenditure and the ability to use modern consumer connectivity such as broadband and 4G enable lower TCO whilst enabling a better user experience.

A truly innovative and flexible solution

Panoptics SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud, Now Part of VMware, makes the Internet work better by addressing the challenges of traditional WAN. By enabling companies to select from a flexible range of connections, from ordinary broadband Internet to private circuits, our solution assures enterprise and cloud application performance while simplifying deployments and reducing costs.

An optimised ‘Cloud Delivered SD-WAN’ solution that offers…

Flexible Deployment Options – Supports a variety of deployment options to fit your business (cloud, on premise, appliance, software)

No Risk, At-Your-Pace Migrations – Start with a few sites and expand as required

Low Total Cost of Ownership – Significant CAPEX and OPEX savings and faster time-to-value

As one of only a handful of UK VeloCloud, Now Part of VMware, partners, Panoptics are experts in deploying a choice of public, private or hybrid cloud networks benefitting from high performing, reliable branch office connectivity to any number of network edges, all orchestrated and managed from a single point.

Our solution provides bandwidth expansion as well as direct optimal access to enterprise & cloud applications, as well as data. It also enables virtual services insertion in cloud and on premise with ease.

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SD-WAN Benefits

Optimise your connectivity with a software-defined wide area network. With Panoptics SD-WAN you benefit from…

  • Improved business agility – with rapid deployment of WAN services and the flexibility of the solution
  • Cost savings – by benefiting from widely available, cost effective internet connectivity (inc cable, DSL and ethernet) but receiving a reliable, secure WAN service
  • Optimised cloud architecture – by leveraging the internet to provide secure, high-performance connections from the branch to the cloud
  • High performance and reliability -even for demanding applications, such as voice and video
  • A direct path to public and private enterprise clouds – eliminating datacentre backhaul penalties
  • A reduction in branch office footprint – with seamless insertion and chaining of virtualised services
  • Zero-touch branch network deployment – with automation and business policy-based orchestration

The Panoptics Approach

With a commitment to building a better IT future, every solution we deliver sets the industry benchmark in terms of quality and customer experience.

Panoptics, powered by VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, are the UK’s leading managed WAN provider. Our approach to service delivery takes the world of WAN and Networking to a new level. Not only do we provide a cutting-edge service desk with industry leading people, processes and performance but we can also help any business get more from their current and future network plans.

Imagine a partner who can not only design your wide area network, but also implement, support and extended it into the data centre and traditional LAN deployments. As a Panoptics SD-WAN customer, we move the conversation from the network being the bottle neck, to the network being the enabler.

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