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Panoptics prides itself on delivering a complete SD-WAN solution that takes global organisations, every step of the way, to the network edge. As such, our service extends to scoping, resourcing and managing the connectivity options available to physically deploy your SD-WAN. So, whatever region, country or continent your branch offices are located in, we have a connectivity solution for you.

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Service Description

Our service, unlike many providers, is one of the only to include full scoping and support of the physical connectivity requirements to facilitate SD-WAN. This service is based on the challenges we understand global organisations face in the deployment of SD-WAN and is offered to both simplify and optimise each and every SD-WAN connection your organisation requires.

By starting with a comprehensive Best Connectivity Review, our team of network engineers will generate a complete picture of your current connectivity situation per site, as well as outline other viable options, including DIA, Broadband and Mobile connections, your organisation can select from to optimise your SD-WAN deployment. With our experience of both UK and global SD-WAN connectivity options, our SD-WAN experts will then be able to advise exactly what connections match your network requirements on a Site by Site basis, all the while ensuring your organisation’s overall network objectives are fully met.


  • Access regional connectivity expertise and industry knowledge
  • Simplify the resourcing of global connectivity
  • Obtain the best connectivity solutions for your branch offices – regardless of location
  • Review the best options based on value for money, availability, resilience and performance
  • Easy to evaluate on a Site by Site basis

Connectivity Options

Through the provision of our Datacentre & Connectivity solutions as well as our SD-WAN deployment services, we have broad experience of the entire range of connectivity solutions available globally. With this knowledge, we are generally able to source and advise the following six key connectivity choices at any specific site;

  • DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) – Highly available SLA backed internet circuits (also known as leased lines) providing guaranteed bandwidth and synchronous internet connectivity. Speeds available up to 10GB/s
  • MPLS / VPLS – Highly available, SLA backed, secure network services all of which use last mile providers to bring “off-net” locations back to the nearest provider data centre. Speeds available up to 10GB/s
  • Layer 2 – Highly available SLA backed point to point connectivity with no internet access. Typically used to connect two sites together such as a head office and a data centre. Speeds available up to 10GB/s
  • Broadband – Varying differing flavours depending on availability and distance from telephone exchanges. There are no SLA’s surrounding broadband circuits. Also known as FTTC, FTTP, ADSL, DSL. Available Speeds depend on the variant but a typical ADSL circuit will deliver download speeds of 24mb/s and upload speeds of 1.4MB/s
  • Mobile – Varying different speeds and availability dependent on carriers and network coverage. No SLA’s available. Currently only 3g and 4g connectivity is available with 4G speeds reaching a maximum of 20mb/s download and 10mb upload. 3G is significantly less at an average of 3MB/s download and 0.5mb/s upload. A number of factors influence the real word performance of mobile data such as signal strength and network capacity.
  • Bespoke solutions – Metropolitan environments will often have bespoke options available such as point to point microwave / WiFi and WiMAX solutions but this is largely regionalised and normally requires line of site. Availability of SLA’s varies depending on the solution provided. Available throughput of a wireless point to point solution can achieve in excess of 1GB/s synchronously.

Best Connectivity Review

Our ‘Best Connectivity Review’ draws on years of industry knowledge and experience to obtain the best connectivity solution per branch office or site, based on value for money, availability, resilience and performance.

Using in-depth evaluation criteria such as availability of fibre, capacity, realistic throughput estimations (where fibre is not available) and current delivery lead times, our report will present all viable options along with full costs inclusive of installation charges, estimated delivery dates, minimum terms applicable and any termination charges, so your organisation can make informed decisions that are relevant to each unique Site requirement.

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