SD-WAN Support

With an understanding that not every business is alike and supporting a critical network can be a genuine drain on an organisations IT resources, Panoptics delivers comprehensive, around the clock, support for our SD-WAN installations. Providing precisely the level of support your organisation and network requires, our service ensures your SD-WAN solution is always optimised and operational, whilst your staff have the confidence that any SD-WAN issue can be looked at and resolved quickly, by a team of VMware SD-WAN certified experts.

Service Description

Our experience of delivering cutting edge Software-Defined Wide Area Networks around the globe has resulted in a genuine appreciation of the complexities some organisations experience in the deployment and management of a SD-WAN solution. As a result, we offer our SD-WAN expertise on tap to organisations looking to effortlessly plug internal skills gaps, seamlessly deploy a SD-WAN solution or require a fully supported SD-WAN experience.

Just imagine a partner who can not only design your wide area network, but also implement, support and extended it into the data centre and traditional LAN deployments. With international SD-WAN experience and a team of VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud certified engineers, SD-WAN support from Panoptics ensures your organisation always stays at the network edge.

Our SD-WAN support services ensure your business can concentrate on the business itself and not the network which is running it. As such, our support services are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements and can include:

  • Scoping and requirements support
  • Implementation support
  • Branch office support
  • Network optimisation and management
  • Network user support

As a Panoptics SD-WAN customer, we move the conversation from the network being the bottleneck, to the network being the enabler.

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