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As a Check Point partner, Panoptics deliver industry leading cyber security solutions for enterprises. With a range of solutions, we’re able to protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks.

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Leaders in cyber security solutions

Check Point is a leading provider of cyber security solutions, protecting over 100,000 global organisations of all sizes. With a comprehensive suite of tools, Check Point solutions secure the network, cloud and user access.


Secure the network

Protect your enterprise network from the most sophisticated cyber-attacks with the highest caliber of security, real-time prevention and the world’s highest performing security gateways.


Secure the cloud

Secure the Cloud with a unified cloud native security platform, automating security posture at scale, preventing advanced threats and giving you visibility and control over any workload across any cloud.


Secure users & access

Protect remote users’ devices and access. Wherever you connect from, whatever you connect to and however you connect – your devices, your privacy and your organizational data must be secure and protected from any cyber threat.


Unified solution

Achieve gold standard unified security management. Ensure 100% breach prevention and manage your entire security estate with a unified policy, from a single point across networks, clouds, Mobile, Endpoint and workloads. Expose, investigate and shut down attacks faster, with 99.9% precision with SOC and XDR capabilities used by Check Point Research and are now available for you.

Harmony Connect:
Securely connects remote users and branches to everything

To secure the distributed enterprise, organisations need a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

Check Point Harmony Connect redefines SASE by making it easy to access corporate applications, SaaS and the internet for any user or branch, from any device, without compromising on security.

Built to prevent the most advanced cyber attacks, Harmony Connect is a cloud-native service that unifies multiple cloud-delivered network security products, deploys within minutes and applies Zero Trust policies with a seamless user experience.

Tightly integrating with leading SD-WAN services, Harmony Connect combines client- and cloud-based protection to deliver enterprise-grade security with less than 50ms latency and a 99.999% uptime—allowing organisations to scale remote access with peace of mind.


  • Industry’s best malware catch rate with NSS top-rated threat prevention
  • Clientless remote access for employees, partners and contractors
  • Advanced secure internet access for users and branches
  • Seamless security for your SD-WAN infrastructure
  • Reduced operational overheads
  • Zero Trust policies enforced on cloud and on-prem apps
  • Consume security-as-a-service

Deployed in just five minutes, Harmony Connect Remote Access offers clientless remote access to any internal corporate application residing in the data center, IaaS, public or private clouds.

Boasting intuitive clientless access to Web, RDP, SSH and SQL-based resources, the service is both user and management friendly, while catering to the needs of diverse personnel. Business and third-party users enjoy agentless access, administrators gain complete visibility and granular in-app controls, while DevOps benefit from a wealth of cloud-native capabilities including privileged access management (PAM) and automated server onboarding.


Clientless Architecture

  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • Web browser access
  • Clientless access to web, SSH, RDP and SQL applications

Full Visibility

  • Complete audit trail
  • Monitor all actions
  • Session recordings

Built-in PAM and SSO

  • Identity Provider integration
  • Built-in key management
  • Credential vaulting

How do you protect your users as they browse the web for their personal use, and prevent the latest phishing and malware attacks from reaching them?

Offering the fastest and safest browsing experience, Harmony Connect Internet Access blocks phishing sites in real time, prevents zero day malware through advanced sandboxing and protects against browser exploits with cutting edge intrusion prevention system (IPS) deep packet inspection (virtual patching).

Leveraging real time threat intelligence aggre-gated from Check Point ThreatCloud, the world’s most extensive real time threat intelligence network and over 60 innovative AI engines, the service ensures that every site visited and ile downloaded is thoroughly inspected and vetted, blocking the most evasive attacks before they can reach users.

Harmony Connect Internet Access’s compre-hensive security includes data loss prevention (DLP), URL filtering and granular application controls with over 8,600 precategorized internet and SaaS applications.


Threat Prevention

  • Zero-day sandboxing
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Phishing prevention
  • Malware and C2 bot prevention Full SSL visibility

Access Control

  • Cloud Firewall
  • URL Filtering
  • Application Control (8,600+ Apps)

Data Protection

  • Cloud DLP
  • Granular policy
  • Predefined data types

As companies with multiple branch offices and retail locations connect directly to the internet and cloud using their software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) infrastructure, they need a way to prevent threats from entering their branch and retail networks. Offering comprehensive Secure Web Gateway features (as above), and deployed in minutes, Harmony Connect Internet Access offers tight integrations with leading SD-WAN vendors using advanced APIs, allowing consistent security to be enforced across thousands of sites with just a few clicks.

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