SD-WAN & Digital Transformation

How the technology can aid implementation of your transformation strategies

Organisations looking to deploy digital transformation programmes are often finding that network support is critical, especially in an environment of growing complexity. SD-WAN (Software-defined wide area network) can typically help in such situations, particularly because it optimises a networks bandwidth. But that’s not the only thing that SD-WAN can help with when implementing a digital transformation plan, it also offers…

1. Fully Integrated Security

With the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and an increase in end points often being the result of any Digital Transformation programme, network monitoring and security is key. Software-defined wide area networking provides an organisation better visibility into network traffic so that any potential threat can be identified, isolated and addressed before it impacts the entire network.

2. Optimal Connectivity

Digital Transformation also often increases the reliance on cloud technology. As each application is different and requires different connectivity priorities like more throughput or reduced latency, SD-WAN is perfect to control network performance in a granular fashion to address specific application requirements.

3. Reduced Costs

Cost savings are often an associated benefit of implementing SD-WAN as part of a Digital Transformation programme. Not only will you see cost reductions by optimising MPLS and other connections, but SD-WAN can often be a subscription based model so costs are categorised as monthly operating expenses (OPEX), instead of the typical one-time capital investments (CAPEX), which are generally associated with technology implementation.

4. Zero-touch provisioning

Organisations with a lot of branch offices are likely to benefit most from SD-WAN, especially when rolling out a Digital Transformation programme across the entire business. With it, a branch can be connected in a matter of minutes, and all troubleshooting, provisioning, and configuration can be done via a centralised control system. Consequently, travel time and resources are saved by eliminating the need for IT experts to visit a branch to tackle network issues or bring them online.

5. Dynamic Adaptable Policies

Another benefit of SD-WAN is the ability to modify WAN policies based on different parameters, such as performance requirements (including security policies) or application criticality. As a result, SD-WAN will provide an automated multipath intelligence that dynamically ensures the most efficient route for business-critical traffic is used, thus enabling any significant increase or change in demand as part of the Digital Transformation.

6. Central Management

With often more technologically complex and comprehensive systems in place as a result of Digital Transformation, having control of technologies and the network is critical. Therefore SD-WAN’s ability to provide centralised monitoring and management of the entire network, ensures complete visibility and a single integrated system.


SD-WAN offers a number of important benefits to organisations looking to deploy Digital Transformation strategies. If you wish to find out more about how SD-WAN can support complex network requirements, improve business critical application performance or how Panoptics can support your Digital Transformation plans, one of our experts would be happy to help.

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