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Panoptics strongly believe that successful service management is borne out of effective monitoring. Early visibility of issues and close scrutiny of degradation is paramount to ensure the consistent availability of infrastructure and the delivery of an end user experience that discerning users expect. Our Remote Monitoring has been designed to deliver just that – utilising industry leading technology, our solution gives your business peace of mind as well as the tool set necessary to continually improve your IT environment and gain competitive advantage.

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Panoptics Remote Monitoring provides your business with complete visibility of your IT environment – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Your server, network and WAN infrastructure is monitored continually via Solar Winds – an industry-leading tool providing enhanced visibility of your IT deployment – in turn safeguarding the availability, reliability and the capacity-management of your entire infrastructure.

Automatic alerts notify Panoptics or your internal IT team the moment an issue occurs within your environment, enabling a swift response and resolution of the problem. Furthermore, our monitoring solution provides the visibility required to be proactive in preventing issues in the first place enabling the avoidance of any impact on your business.

This is achieved through the built in flexibility of the service, including complete control of thresholds so they can be fine-tuned and optimised to each specific piece of equipment, operating system or application that is being monitored.

Additionally, all of the objects that form part of delivering a service can be grouped together allowing us to provide true and comprehensive service reporting, including Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring. As such it is possible to view a service, like Exchange for instance, in a far more granular context so we can consider not just the overall availability of the service but also whether users can use it without frustration.

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