Transform your network with the world’s No.1 SD-WAN technology delivered by the UK’s leading SD-WAN solution provider.

Panoptics deliver cutting edge Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN in partnership with the global market leader, VMware. Enabling simple, agile and secure branch office wide area networks, VMware SD-WAN dramatically decreases bandwidth costs and deployment timeframes, to deliver a high performing, flexible network over private, broadband Internet and LTE links for today’s increasingly distributed enterprises.

Intelligent networkUnique approach Proof Of Concept

An intelligent Network that makes the internet work better. Powered by the worlds leading SD-WAN technology.

We’re revolutionising site connectivity, combining best of breed high speed networks with a myriad of end point connectivity methods meaning that nowhere is out of reach.

sd-wan connection

Pick n’ Mix connectivity

Utilise any business or consumer-grade connection, including leased lines, fibre broadband, ADSL and 4G to easily connect your entire estate.

sd-wan speed

Quick setup

No need to wait for a fixed line. Provision immediately with 4G whilst other connections are configured. Fallback to 4G at anytime.


Streamlined provisioning

Easily add a new site with zero-touch branch network deployment. No need for onsite network engineer support or manual CLI configuration.

sd-wan availability

High availability

Ensure your sites remain connected no matter what, with secondary links, intelligent monitoring and sub second failover as standard.



All links are encrypted end-to-end so you can be confident no matter what connectivity you choose your data is safe 24×7.

application visibility

Application reliability

Reliable performance, even for demanding applications such as voice and video, with traffic monitoring, intelligent QoS policies & agile packet routing.

cloud centric

‘Cloud-centric’ solution

Benefit from optimised cloud architecture, a direct path to public & private enterprise clouds, and reduced datacentre backhaul costs.

save money

Lower costs

Reduce TCO whilst enabling a better user experience, by benefiting from lower CapEx and utilising cost effective connectivity, such as broadband & 4G.

The Panoptics difference...

vmware partner connect - 60px

VMware experts

We are the UK’s leading VMware SD-WAN partner. We exclusively deliver the world’s leading SD-WAN solution for ambitious global businesses.

network design flexibility

Flexible design

Unlike our competitors, our solution is flexible. We ensure your design precisely fits your requirements & we do not mandate the use of our connectivity.

network resilience

Genuine resilience

We’re agnostic with 3rd party transit, so your solution is delivered with the best connectivity for your individual sites and will achieve true resilience.

diverse IT capabilities

Diverse capabilities

We simplify complexity with our ability to deliver & support both the overlay and underlay of your network, alongside your organisation’s entire IT requirements.

"If we were to compare our experiences with the large incumbent suppliers we’re familiar with, working with Panoptics has been a breath of fresh air. You can always get to the people you need to, to get the answer and support required. This level of service means a lot to AI, as we’re an organisation that expects value for money from the suppliers we engage with, and this has certainly been achieved with this project."

Phil Casson, Network Analyst, Aggregate Industries

A truly innovative and flexible solution

vmwareVMware SD-WAN makes the Internet work better by addressing the challenges of traditional WAN. By enabling companies to select from a flexible range of connections, from ordinary broadband Internet to private circuits, our solution assures enterprise and cloud application performance while simplifying deployments and reducing costs.

Dramatically reduce your bandwidth costs and regain control of your network. VMware SD-WAN is an optimised ‘Cloud Delivered’ solution that offers…

Flexible Deployment Options – Supports a variety of deployment options to fit your business (cloud, on premise, appliance, software)

No Risk, At-Your-Pace Migrations – Start with a few sites and expand as required

Low Total Cost of Ownership – Significant CAPEX and OPEX savings and faster time-to-value

As the UK’s leading VMware SD-WAN partner, Panoptics are experts in deploying a choice of public, private or hybrid cloud networks benefitting from high performing, reliable branch office connectivity to any number of network edges, all orchestrated and managed from a single point.

Our solution provides bandwidth expansion as well as direct optimal access to enterprise & cloud applications, as well as data. It also enables virtual services insertion in cloud and on premise with ease.

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network discount savings

40% on average
TCO savings in comparison to MPLS

A unique approach to SD-WAN

Imagine a partner who can not only design your wide area network, but also implement, support and extended it into the data centre and traditional LAN deployments. As a Panoptics SD-WAN customer, we move the conversation from the network being the bottle neck, to the network being the enabler.

Our approach to SD-WAN is quite simply what sets us apart.

  • We design your SD-WAN for you, not us – we do not lock you in with additional services or our own connectivity (unlike competitors)
  • We’re 100% agnostic with 3rd party transit – which means you can achieve true resilience by not relying on a single supplier
  • We’re far more than just the UK’s leading VMware SD-WAN partner – our capabilities are broad and we can help your entire organisation get the most from its IT

Hardware & Software

Underpinned by cutting edge Hardware & Software our partnership with SD-WAN global market leader, VMware, enables simple, agile and secure branch office wide area networks utilising the worlds most advanced technology.

From VMware SD-WAN Gateways & VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator to VMware SD-WAN Edge’s, you can rest assured your entire SD-WAN technology requirements can be fulfilled by the UK’s leading supplier.

SD-WAN Architecture

Built on Software Defined Networking (SDN) principles, VMware SD-WAN architecture originated in the cloud and is the only SD-WAN solution delivered with a separate orchestration plane, control plane and data plane using a secure and scalable cloud network.

velocloud architecture

Professional Services

Panoptics deliver a range of SD-WAN professional services built upon our long held belief that VMware SD-WAN is the most comprehensive and advanced SD-WAN solution on the market. Combining an in-house team of SD-WAN certified experts with real world deployment experience, Panoptics ensures every SD-WAN scoping, implementation and management project runs smoothly, efficiently and to plan.

Our experienced team are here to provide a fully supported service throughout every SD-WAN project lifecycle, with a complete range of consultancy services to cover all aspects of solution deployment and migration including:

  • Planning
  • Design & Architecture
  • Configuration
  • Operational integration
  • Validation
  • Post Delivery Support

Our team of experts deliver a wide range of planning, design, deployment, and benchmarking services designed to ensure service configurations are tuned to the specific use case and facilitate seamless integration with an organisation’s wider infrastructure to ensure maximum ROI from your SD-WAN investment.


Panoptics prides itself on delivering a complete SD-WAN solution that takes global organisations, every step of the way, to the network edge. So, whatever region, country or continent your branch offices are located in, we have a connectivity solution for you.

Our service, unlike many providers, is one of the only to include full scoping and support of the physical connectivity requirements to facilitate SD-WAN. This service is based on the challenges we understand global organisations face in the deployment of SD-WAN and is offered to both simplify and optimise each and every SD-WAN connection your organisation requires.

Whilst Panoptics do offer a range of enterprise connectivity options to suit your own SD-WAN, we do not mandate that these services are taken as part of the solution. This standpoint sets us apart from other SD-WAN vendors as we strongly believe it is imperative to have the flexibility in the design to meet your specific requirements and achieve genuine resilience.

  • Access regional connectivity expertise and industry knowledge
  • Simplify the resourcing of global connectivity
  • Obtain the best connectivity solutions for your branch offices – regardless of location
  • Review the best options based on value for money, availability, resilience and performance
  • Easy to evaluate on a Site by Site basis

Best Connectivity Review

By starting with a comprehensive Best Connectivity Review, our team of network engineers will generate a complete picture of your current connectivity situation per site, as well as outline other viable options, including DIA, Broadband and Mobile connections, your organisation can select from to optimise your SD-WAN deployment. With our experience of both UK and global SD-WAN connectivity options, our SD-WAN experts will then be able to advise exactly what connections match your network requirements on a Site by Site basis, all the while ensuring your organisation’s overall network objectives are fully met.


With an understanding that not every business is alike and supporting a critical network can be a genuine drain on an organisations IT resources, Panoptics delivers comprehensive, around the clock, support for our SD-WAN installations. Providing precisely the level of support your organisation and network requires, our service ensures your SD-WAN solution is always optimised and operational, whilst your staff have the confidence that any SD-WAN issue can be looked at and resolved quickly, by a team of VMware SD-WAN certified experts.

Our experience of delivering cutting edge Software-Defined Wide Area Networks around the globe has resulted in a genuine appreciation of the complexities some organisations experience in the deployment and management of a SD-WAN solution. As a result, we offer our SD-WAN expertise on tap to organisations looking to effortlessly plug internal skills gaps, seamlessly deploy a SD-WAN solution or require a fully supported SD-WAN experience.

Our SD-WAN support services ensure your business can concentrate on the business itself and not the network which is running it. As such, our support services are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements and can include:

  • Scoping and requirements support
  • Implementation support
  • Branch office support
  • Network optimisation and management
  • Network user support

Proof of Concept

If you’re interested in understanding the benefits of SD-WAN first hand, get in touch to discuss a PoC with our team of VM-ware certified experts.

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