Panoptics deliver innovative, reliable offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) utilising industry leading technology Veeam Cloud Connect – solving two critical business problems with a single dependable service. Cutting edge, consistent and truly flexible Backup and DR is now within reach of all businesses regardless of size or sector.

Service Description

Consistent, off site backups were frequently a challenge and could often be out of reach for many businesses. With Panoptics and Veeam Cloud Connect, these problems are something of the past.

Using Veeam Cloud Connect, your business receives one simple, secure solution that is easily integrated into existing infrastructure allowing your business to protect it’s data with a simple point and click user experience.

Backups and restores can be deployed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no input from Panoptics, giving your business the flexibility, security and control to manage its data independently. Additionally, all data is de-duplicated and compressed before being transferred enabling efficient use of available bandwidth as well as storage allocations which combined save your business money.

Veeam Cloud Connect provides short-term recovery, long-term retention as well as Disaster Recovery (DR) all in one simple to deploy solution, providing your entire business with the confidence that not only is the data backed up but it is easy to retrieve when necessary.

Still not sure? We’re so confident you’ll love Veeam, we’re happy to offer a free 30 day trial. If you’re interested in trialling our solution, just get in touch… call 0203 137 6351.

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