WAN (Leased Line)

Panoptics deliver high quality, secure & uncontended connectivity via our highly customisable network in conjunction with industry leading technologies. Experts in the provision of reliable, bespoke connectivity solutions within the most challenging environments, Panoptics WAN delivers guaranteed bandwidth, no contention ratio, site to site connectivity, QinQ and a level of service that enables businesses to connect as they need to.

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Service Description

An ultrafast dedicated leased line. By default, all WAN fibre connectivity provided by Panoptics is delivered to the customer’s site using Layer 2 point to point circuit’s backhauled to our data centres using either Virgin Media or BT circuits. Internet breakout is then provided from all Datacentres using multiple carriers.

By delivering connectivity this way, a number of value added services can be offered which would not otherwise be easily achievable using traditional DIA (dedicated internet access), such as;

  • Hosted Telephony
  • BaaS (Backup as a service)
  • Site to Site connectivity with local internet break out
  • Shared or dedicated firewalling
  • Support for multiple VLAN tagging across a single fibre (QinQ)


Businesses with multiple sites no longer require VPN technology to establish inter-site connectivity regardless of distance. By allocating a private VLAN over the leased line fibre connection to our datacentres at two or more sites, customers can communicate using existing internal IP address ranges transparently.

Panoptics also guarantee that each customer receives the amount of bandwidth being paid for and constantly monitor inbound and outbound connections in order to aid customer troubleshooting should any issues arise.

The connection provided is delivered using a dedicated layer 2 point to point circuit back to one of our data centres which is then broken out to the internet. Each datacentre has available spare bandwidth in excess of 20 Gbps. There is no contention ratio applied resulting in your business always achieving the bandwidth ordered.

Primary upstream connectivity from the datacentres is provided by Cogent Communications who are one of the most connected ASN’s resulting in a significant portion of internet traffic only one hop away.


Panoptics are able to provide multiple secure networks over the same fibre that is installed to deliver internet connectivity which you as the customer can prioritise using QoS on your existing network infrastructure.

The benefits of doing this include;

  • <10ms latency from customer site to our Datacentre
  • No need for site to site VPN’s
  • QinQ enabled by default allowing multiple secure VLAN’s to be tagged to the customer site from the Panoptics platform
  • Guaranteed uncontended synchronous throughput to the Panoptics platform
  • Access to the Panoptics Monitoring portal
  • Dedicated ASA security contexts can be provisioned on the Panoptics Firewall Cluster if required by the customer.


Panoptics Layer 2Broadband
Web FilteringInternal External
Bandwidth Guaranteedtickcross
Control & Managementtickcross
Connected Directly to the Panoptics Platformtickcross
Tier 1 Internet Connectivitytickcross
Predictable Latencytickcross
Firewalling more CentrallyEach site

Why invest in expensive hardware to firewall the internet service when dedicated virtual firewalls are available at a fraction of the cost?

Dedicated Cisco firewall security contexts are available to all Panoptics customers which can either be fully managed by us or handed over to the customer to maintain. All virtual firewalls run on clustered physical hardware providing a high level of availability and resilience.
Availability per Circuit99.90%Varies
SupportService Credits for dealing below the above availability Response Based No Guaranteed fix time
24x7x365 Monitoring more tickcross

All circuits delivered by Panoptics are monitored 24 hours x 365 days in order to identify problems before our customers even realise. We don’t simply check that the circuits are up and operational, our monitoring service alerts on a number of conditions such as excess broadcast traffic, dropped frames, high utilisation and high latency. Once an issue is identified by the NOC (Network Operations Centre), the team will work with the end customer to remedy the issue ensuring the service is running at its utmost efficiency.
IP Telephony Capable tickcross
Centralised Backupticktick

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